Our story and mission

Bambini Moda’s story
Our love for children’s apparel at Bambini Moda started in 2013, we took the opportunity to open a franchise boutique of a Spanish brand, in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi! It was an amazing experience with the most wonderful customers, therefore we decided to to not stop with the passion for children’s fashion, but continue it online! Today with more than seven years of experience we are very proud of the variety of beautiful brands that we can offer to our lovely clients at Bambini Moda! We hope you and your family will enjoy our collections as much as we are enjoying them!

Mission of Bambini Moda
If there is one thing we all agree on is that we love to see our children in beautiful but also comfortable fashion! Our mission is to present you unique brands who care about their quality, the material that they use & last but not least brands who make your prince or princess outshine the rest!


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