Diaper cream balm ECO


The balm lotion protects, calms and regenerates in a natural way the sensitive skin of the baby from the irritations caused by the dermatitis of the nappy with a mixture of calming organic and certified ingredients.
The formulation is with Zinc oxide and beeswax due to their insulating and absorbent propierties that create a protective barrier without blocking pores, so that it avoids the discomfort in the nappy zone. It has Rose Hip Oil because of its regenerative action that helps to increase elasticity and skin healing. It also has sunflower, soya and Karité butter oils that catch humidity and maintain the skin hydrated and Aloe vera with a a wide antibacterial range and calming effect. All the propierties help to maintain healthy the baby’s bottom.

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Composition & Use
Dermatologically tested
Suitable for sensitive and atopic
100 ml
Easy application, airless bottle
Natural and Organic Cosmetic
99,03% certified ISO NATURAL 16128

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