Eau de Cologne Petits


Delightful floral eau de cologne with a soft, fresh and slightly powdery base. A fragrance of neroli, orange blossom and lily of the valley to indulge your senses.

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Eau de cologne with a low alcohol base and a tender and cheerful fragrance based on neroli, orange blossom and muguet. A fresh and slightly powdery essence, so delicious that even you will want to wear it
Allergen free fragrance
Soft enough for daily use
It is recommended to scent their clothes or their hair brush for new-borns
Dermatologically tested
Clinically proven even on sensitive or atopic skin
50 ml Perfume with some drops the baby or kid’s skin or hair. Don’t apply directly to the babies’ skin, it is recommended to get some drops in your hand and apply in their clothes or brush
For external use only
Do not swallow

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